Summer Road Trip: Hotels Used To Be Built With Character

I get such a thrill out of finding unusual places to stay.  Most of the time it's a quirky b&b or hidden away apartment rental, but occasionally it also turns out to be in a conventional hotel.  Check out the "loft suite" we stayed in last week at the Salt Lake City Airport Radisson...

Salt Lake Radisson

This hotel was built in 1989 and I have to imagine a staircase like that would never meet code in a hotel being built today.  To prove it, the first thing B & P did was climb up the outside of the banister.  All uniqueness aside, I did have hesitations about the kids leaving the room while I was slumbering in the bed up above.  Sure enough, I'd barely laid down my head the first night when I heard P turning the deadbolt and peeking his head outside.  He spent the rest of the night in bed with me and somehow I ended up the second night on the pull-out sofa to keep him from trying to escape again.

Maybe logistically this wasn't the best choice in hotel rooms, but for the same price of a generic square-box hotel room, we got something fun to stay in and talk about later!

Tell me about the most unique lodging you've ever stayed in!