Summer Road Trip: Salt Lake City's Tracy Aviary

I am not a zoo person.  They're hot and smelly.  Too many times the animals are hiding lifeless in the shade or absent from the exhibit all together.  I just get really bored.  A "zoo" dedicated to only one type of creature wasn't that exciting to think about, but B & P both love birds and I knew it'd be a memorable way for them to start their summer vacation.

Once inside, all I can say is that this is not another boring zoo.  Each enclosure holds several different types of birds and it was engaging to search around for birds that were camouflaged or scavenging for food.  Since birds obviously live in trees, the entire aviary is cool and covered in shade.  Even in the heat of summer I think it would be a welcome respite from the sun.

Here are the birds we loved the most...

Red-Tailed Hawk
Bald Eagle
Scarlet Ibis
Trumpeter Swan
What type of bird would you want to see while you were there?

Useful Information:
Tracy Aviary is in the southwest corner of Liberty Park in Salt Lake City.  
The park is super easy to find, but the entrance is a little tricky.  
To avoid driving around the entire park twice like I did,
 you'll need to enter the park on  the north end of the park
 and follow the one-way road around to the right.

There are bird shows throughout the day,, 
but I was a little confused at how they are not announced 
and the times are not listed in the map/brochure. 
to ensure you don't  miss a thing.

Liberty Park is definitely worth extra time when you're done at the aviary.
The playground is designed for children of  "all abilities" with astroturf in some areas for wheelchair access and oversized swings for older children who may be interested in swinging.
Also check out the beautiful musical area with chimes and xylophones of all sizes.
Very cool place to play.