Utah's Most Well-Guarded Secret?

There is a hill above a sod farm in Northern Utah.  Running down this hill are two rows of plastic.  Running down both plastics is a trickle of water.  Put it all together and what do you get?  The most unpretentious "water park" you're ever going to love.

So what is it, really?  I'm having a hard time saying.  The best I can come up with is a home-grown slip 'n slide on gigantic proportions and kind of/sort of known as the Wellsville Water Slide or Little Bear River Bottoms.  I got to experience it several year's ago during a family reunion.  Finding any information on the place since then has turned into the deepest research project I've completed since finishing college.  I had to beg family to dig through their photo archives, but the hard work was worth it.  It's a well-kept secret that I want everyone to know about!

Described simply, there are two plastic sheets that function as water slides down the side of a hill above a sod farm in Wellsville, Utah.  One slide (pictured above) requires a leap of faith on the top and then rolls on for eternity.  The other slide is smaller, the "kid" slide, if you will, but pocked with it's own precarious level of adventure.  Across the field and hidden in the trees there is also a Tarzan-style rope swing to further tempt the daring.  That's pretty much it for the entire facility.

And yet, that's all it needs to be!  Available only by reservation, you don't have to worry about long lines or what the little ones in line were doing before you got there. Go with low expectations, know that it'll take a few apprehensive runs before it all feels safe or comfortable, and then get lost in the fun as adrenaline takes over.  By the end of the day your most adventurous inner-self will thank you for setting it free!

Directions and Information:
Like I said, this is one exclusive place!  At least in that information about it is nearly impossible to find.
The official directions are:

"½ mile south of the Wellsville Burger King on Highway 89/91- east side"

 The facility is available for groups by reservation only.  Call 435-770-5226 for more information.

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Other Photo Sources: Alma Hiatt, Jeanette Hiatt


  1. wow! this is awesome!! we'd definitely be up for some of that! stopping by via the show me your town hop :)


  2. Kiera @EasytravelmomMay 15, 2013 at 11:26 AM

    So cool!

  3. I love crazy! I love that you wrote a post about this place.

  4. What a crazy place! There's just something really special about a place this much fun (and nuts)! Kind of makes me think of a swiss family robinson swing and waterslide! Def one of those cool 'raw finds where it's worth stopping!


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