Fun for Kids, Relaxing for Mom: Highland Town Center Splash Pad

My husband recently told me he thought the Seven Peaks water park would be a relaxing place for me to take our 4-year-old and 15-month-old children.  They could play, I could read, all would be well.  He's insane.  At their ages Seven Peaks is fun, but definitely not relaxing.  The example of peaceful water play that I need to show him is in a different part of Utah County.

What makes this place so great (aside from being FREE)?  Let me tell you...

The Splash Pad itself
Pretty standard as far as shooting water features are concerned, but kids love it! My son actually stays pretty dry playing there as he runs from the place he just saw a spout of water appear and disappear.  He's always one squirt behind as he follows the sequence of sprays around in a circle. For mom, watching him not quite "get it" makes for endless laughter.

The Waterfall and Stream
What sets this splash pad apart from others I've been to is the addition of a rock waterfall and stream.  The design is beautiful with a small bridge for viewing the waterfall and to separate the waterfall from the play area.  

The shallow water flow in the stream flows around a splay of rocks and bubbling water sprays.  The gentle slope into the stream makes it easy for even the smallest kids to get in and climb around. It also makes it easy for mom to sit on the side comfortably but with no apprehension about keeping kids within arm's reach.

The Park
The area around the splash pad is an open grass park.  There are concrete benches built into the hillside and a few shade trees for the lucky early risers.  There is plenty of space to set up your sun umbrella or small canopy for protection from the hot Utah sun, plenty of space for kids to run around and dry off when they need a break from the water, and plenty of spots for mom to sit back and do her own thing (while keeping an eye on the kids out of the corner of her eye, of course).

Go here-you deserve the break. 
 Your kids will love you for it. 
 I see absolutely no losers in this equation!

Directions and Information:
Highland, Utah is located in the NE corner of Utah county.  From I-15 take Exit 284 and drive East.  The Town Center Splash Pad is located north of City Hall at 5400 W Civic Center Drive.  Basically, it's behind the Wendy's, which is on the main road through town.  Stop by anytime between 10AM and 8PM. One note: The splash pad closes from 3-4PM for cleaning and to allow the water pumps to re-set.

Where do you take your kids for a fun water day?

Photography Source: Elizabeth Carr