100 Favorite Things To Do In Utah (Summer Edition)

I have asked several groups of people recently about their favorite things to do in Utah. The answers were beautifully varied. In my family the answers included riding bikes on the cobblestone sidewalk outside the Lehi Legacy Center, paragliding at the Point of the Mountain, and swimming at Sand Hollow State Park. Followers on the A Local Wander Facebook page were reflective in their answers, sharing how getting up into the mountains or out to wander in the desert brings peace and reminds them that they are home.

As for me, I could not possible narrow my favorite activity in Utah down to just one thing. I am a transplant here and from Day 1 have been running from one unbelievable activity to the next with wild abandon and complete awe. Those of us lucky enough to call Utah home are beyond fortunate to have hundreds of bucket list worthy adventures right outside our front door. (Indeed, the inspiration behind "A Local Wander")

To help plan your next weekend excursion, fill t…

Non-Spooky Halloween Fun at This Is the Place

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It is time again to start making plans for your family's Halloween celebrations. For big and small a like, if you're near the Salt Lake Valley, you'll want to be sure that Little Haunts at This is the Place is on your list!

October 14, 19-22, & 28
What can you expect at Little Haunts this year?
~Trick or Treating Throughout the Village ~Train and Pony Rides ~Gold Panning and Treasure Hunting in Prospector's Pit ~Halloween Stories with the Story Telling Witch ~Creature Encounters ~A Costume Parade & Candy Cannon with Alice the Dragon
All of that (and everything else normally available at the park) included with the price of admission!
See pictures from our visit in 2015...
What's new at Little Haunts this year?
A coloring contest! Submit your child's drawing and be entered to win family admission to the Candlelight Christmas celebration! For more information, click here.
Ready to hear what I can offer you? 

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Labor Day Weekend Fun at Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Competition

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There are so many things going on in Utah over Labor Day Weekend. Our family has decided to spend a day at the Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Competition and think you might like to be there as well!  Here are a few activities to entertain the all ages:

Sheepdogs, of course, with sheep herders from 6 different countries.

Splash dogs, flying dogs, and agility dog courses.

Utah State Highland Games Championships (9 competitions with roots in Scottish and Celtic history)Bee Keeping DemonstrationsInformation on Backyard farming, gardening, and canningWeaving, Wool Spinning,  & Sheepdog training demonstrationsEarthwings Raptor ShowWild Wonders Animal ShowBagpipe PerfomancesGreek, Basque, Canadian, Mexican, and Hawaiian FoodstandsA children's area full of coloring, activities, and a chance to milk a makeshift cow.
Tickets are available to purchase online or at the gate. Purchase online and receive a FREE …

Great Time to Be Buying National Parks Memorabilia

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I'm curious, do you spend time exploring the visitor center while you are visiting the national parks? Our family usually has great intentions to (at least to run in and get our junior ranger packets), but too many times we get so absorbed in what we are seeing that we miss closing time. My kids hate me a lot of the time. Missing closing time means they miss looking through the gift shop at all the cool park related books, games, and toys.

The eParks website has more than once been my saving grace. I watch the clearance, and I watch for good deals. Right now eParks is having a 20% off sale (read to the end of this post for code), as well as some other great shopping incentives. This is huge as some of these items in a park visitor center will NEVER go on sale. Below I'm sharing some of the items that have my caught my eye...

The National Parks Passport  is guaranteed to never be on sale …

The Things We Learned At Soccer Camp

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Summer has been crazy busy in the A Local Wander household so this year we passed the opportunity to attend a Challenger British Soccer Camp over to a cousin. After some nerves and hesitancy, the experience turned out to be a great one. Here is the recap of her week working with actual British soccer players...
The things we learned at the british soccer camp:

1- Our daughter was the youngest in the group (she's 7) for the half day camp in our community. The first day she came home overwhelmed and frustrated because the older kids were impatient with her, but the days after that she loved it.  She thrived with the competition, it taught her so many skills and she got faster.
2- I was so impressed how quick she learned basic skills of soccer.  After just a week she was running around the field and her feet actually looked like they knew what they were doing.
3- She learned about respecting the coach and her teammates.  Her coach was very…

This Is the Place Baby Animal Days (Giveaway)

This post is a hosted post from This Is the Place Heritage Park. We are having an incredible start to spring here in Utah and This Is the Place Heritage Park has taken notice. The baby animals are excited to start having visitors and the spring festivities will soon be in full swing. Keep reading for more details...

If you haven't been to This is the Place before, you can read here about why we like it and what you can see. Or visit their website for more information.
This year's Baby Animal Days will be in full swing from March 23-May 27 with admission prices ranging from $8.95 (age 3-11) to $12.95 (adults).
Mention "A Local Wander" and receive $2 off EACH admission!
This year we are teaming up with Homeschool Opps & Outings to offer you a great giveaway! Enter below for your chance to win a family pack of tickets. And tag @alocalwander when you go to see the baby animals!

SPRING is a Great Time for Horseback Riding

It's time again to shed the parka and head outside. What more perfect way, than to take a spring time trail ride at This is the Place! You'll remember that we did this a couple years ago and were so impressed with how patient the guides were with our newly riding boys. It's an exciting activity for anybody ages 5 & up.

To read more about our last ride, click here. 

To get you even more excited, This is the Place is offering this seasonal deal:

Use code SPRING to book a 1-hr ride for only $30!! (Must book 2 riders, minimum) 
Visit and click on the Horseback Trail Rides tab. Enter promo code at check out.
Call James The Cowboy at 801-448-6126
Tag us @alocalwander on Instagram if you go!

Get Hands-On at the Seaquest Interactive Aquarium

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Several months ago I had an opportunity to take the kids and tour what would become the Seaquest Interactive Aquarium. At the time it was one big concrete shell of a room with only a few animals being housed in an office space. It was tough to imagine how all that would turn into an aquarium. This week we went back to experience the now-open facility and I'm excited to share what there is to see at Utah's newest animal attraction.

Let me state right from the beginning that the hands-on and interactive experiences at the Seaquest Aquarium are what definitely set it apart and make it a go-to destination!
What are some of those interactive experiences?

     Included in your admission price:

Enter the iguana habitat and search up close for all their favorite hiding places. Make sure you look twice, even at the ones out in the open, for their amazing camouflaging. Groups of 6 at a time can enter and you can pet the igu…