Travel with Groupon Coupons

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Confession to make: I'm a little bit obsessed with watching Groupon for local deals. The Salt Lake Connect Pass, Seven Peaks Pass of All Passes, and The Crater are always at the top of my watchlist.  But recently I've been watching the new Groupon Coupons feature to find good deals on travel websites that we use regularly for bigger travel plans. 

Here's how Groupon Coupons work:
  • Think of where you want to do your online shopping
  • Visit Groupon to look for any applicable coupons at that retailer
  • Click the coupon you want to use and be taken directly to the online retailer of your choice.
  • Shop as usual
  • Apply the Groupon Coupon at check out.
Sometimes Groupon will just give you 1 place to look to find all the sales currently available, and sometimes there will be Groupon exclusive codes for you to use. Here are a few companies we use on a regular basis and current deals available...
last-minute hotel reservation (51 coupons available)
Get an EXTRA 8% off your hotel night stay. (44 coupons available)
Limited Time 30% off all sandals (61 coupons available)
50% off Must-See Attractions

Have you used the Groupon Coupons section? Which retailer is going to save you money on your next getaway? 

Kids Are Free At Nitro Circus!

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It's time for the 2nd annual Nitro Circus right here, this weekend, in Salt Lake City! 

Nitro Circus is a competition designed to reinvigorate the world of action sports, a one-night televised event where trophies are awarded in FMX, BMX, skateboard, and scooter during a single three-hour show. Last year, the world-class competitors showed off dozens of tricks that had never been seen before in competition, and a few that had never been seen before at all. In its second year, the Nitro World Games is set to exceed even that sky-high precedent. 

This mission began with a simple question: How can we use what we've learned to dramatically improve the competition landscape? In the end, answering that question led to a revamp of almost every aspect of competition, including events, formats, ramps, scoring, and qualifying. Simply put: You won't want to miss this.

Buy 2 $19 tickets and bring 2 kids for free! Watch the world's best action sports athletes in Salt Lake City for about the price of a movie.

 For details .@usfg

It's Time Again for Soccer Camp

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You'll remember that a few years ago we decided to enroll P in soccer camp, to give him a structured activity. He loved it and we as parents loved that it did these things for him. Well, summer is coming back around and it's time to think about enrolling your kids in this year's program.

Want free stuff? Use code CAMP17 when enrolling to get your free ball, free jersey, free tshirt, and a free poster!