Utah Summer Bucket Lists

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Temperatures are rising and the kids will soon be out of school. Summer has arrived-now what are you going to do? After recently being asked to share my favorite Utah bucketlist ideas, I've put together my best tips and created 14 lists to give you PLENTY of ways to keep busy in Salt Lake & Utah Counties.

Tips for Creating a Utah Summer Bucket List

1. Keep it simple! There are literally thousands of places you could visit each year in Utah. The key to creating a bucket list the whole family is excited and able to complete is to make sure it's doable. Whether you schedule out 1 activity for every day this summer, or just have a short list of specific things you want to accomplish, remember to include lazy days in the backyard and short outings close to home.

2.  Include everyone. A bucket list isn't fun for the family if Mom plans everything. Spend a family evening making the list together. What do the kids want to do? What about your husband? Spending extra time with grandma and grandpa over the school break? Call them up and ask what they're interested in, too. And don't forget to schedule some fun with your own grown-up friends. Surely there's something fun you all have been wanting to do together. Most important, listen and be sure to include ideas from everyone involved.

What to Include on your Utah Summer Bucket List

This will be easy-the hardest part being how to narrow down all the incredible opportunities available here in Utah. Before the list starts to grow, I want you to put these three items at the top:

  • Something YOU loved to in summer as a child. The first thing that comes to my mind is running around after dark catching fireflies. I have been gathering information on the few places they can be seen in Utah dn the kids and I are going on a hunt this year to find them. Whatever that happy memory is for you, write it down. If it made you happy once, it will make you happy again and is a wonderful memorty to create and share with your little ones now.
  • Something someone has been NAGGING you to do. I know, this one sounds weird. But you know what that thing is and you know ho much it would mean to actually give that person some of your time and do it. Onto my list went, "Play Board Games with L." My sweet baby has been begging me for weeks to play Chutes & Ladders and I always push him away telling him to go play with his brother. If you're already making a list, include the activity your kids or husband have been hinting (maybe not so subtly) that they want you to do with them. It will strengthen your relationship and show them their interests are important to you.
  • Something to learn. Don't get carried away, it is summer, afterall. But set aside a little time to improve a skill or try an activity that's new to you. Calligraphy, watercolor painting, rock climbing...just 1 thing that will make you feel accomplished when the dog days of summer are through. 
And now onto the lists...

If you plan on spending anytime in Salt Lake and Utah counties this summer, I've included below 17 different bucket lists to get your own ideas flowing. Print them and use as a checklist for your own families summer activities, or just review them for some inspiration. I'd appreciate if you'd share them, too, with your friends and family. 

(Note: Due to the location of my presentation audience, these lists are heavily focused in Northern Utah county, branching out once or twice per list.
Also, bonus for you: I started out with the intention of creating Top 10 lists but had my own problem of not being able to edit down, so enjoy the bonus ideas included for you!)

Click Here for Printable Versions of Each Bucket List

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