Booking an Authentic Vacation in Mexico

 Discover Mexico Through the Eyes of Her People

Have you scrolled through social media recently looking for Mexico vacation ideas? Post after post sharing pristine beaches and all-inclusive resorts make it look like the coasts have all Mexico has to offer. The good news is that more authentic opportunities to experience Mexican culture do exist. Rutopia and their partners in rural Mexico are on a mission to bring you to them!

Evening hike in rural Mexico (Rutopía, 2021) 

Based out of Mexico City, Rutopia is a travel booking platform that has changed the way travelers and locals come together. Their mission is to work directly with rural villages to develop tourism in a fair and sustainable way. When you book a vacation through them, you can know it’ll be a true Mexican culture experience (Rutopia Impact Report, 2019). So why is booking your authentic vacation this way a good idea? They are 100% focused on helping you take the “real life” experience of your dreams by focusing on these three things:

Does the community benefit from what I’m going to be doing?

Many times an authentic tour is coordinated and operated by a tour company with no personal connection to the area. They might hire some locals to provide entertainment, but at the end of the day the tour profits leave the community. To combat this trend, Rutopia asks community members what they want to offer, assists them in developing tours that share their traditional activities, and returns 80% of the profits from your tour to your hosts and their families(RUTOPÍA, the Mexican Airbnb at the service of indigenous communities, 2020). This helps the village you visit provide for themselves and renew pride for the place they are living.

Local hosts for your Mexico vacation (Rutopía, 2021)

Is this experience going to be safe?

The reality is that no matter how adventurous you think you are, going off the beaten path in Mexico can be scary. Crime rates are high, communication technology can be sparse, and language is a barrier. This can pose a problem for foreign travelers and for tour operators who aren’t familiar with the area. To overcome this hurdle, Rutopia works closely with their hosts to ensure your visit will be a safe one. They:

  •  spend time in the area reviewing safety measures. 

  • provide a guide and transportation 

  • require insurance for the unlikely event something unforeseen happens during your stay (Rutopía, 2021). 

Will I be okay out of my comfort zone?

This is the big question you have to answer before booking an authentic Mexico vacation. A day hike with a guide who shows you how his family uses the local plants for medicine will probably also be hot and humid with hosts of bugs. Are you excited to learn about them as well? Your handcrafts tour with the women of a rural village may teach new techniques to show everyone at home. Are you equally interested in helping prepare your meals using bricks on the kitchen floor? Or carrying water in from the well? These are experiences to remember, but it’s important to ask yourself if you will be able to enjoy this level of “living like a local.”

Preparing an authentic Mexican meal (Rutopía, 2021)

Isn’t it more authentic to book independently?

The fact of the matter is, Mexican villages are in remote locations. The infrastructure to get to them is still lacking and the amenities when you arrive can be minimal. Most villages are small and new to doing business. While it may seem like traveling independently is the most authentic way to experience Mexican culture, there are considerable risks in doing so. Booking, instead, with a company who knows your destination allows you to quickly be accepted into the community like family with little to worry about while you are there. 

Most people’s idea of a dream Mexico vacation keeps them from experiencing authentic Mexican culture. While you’re planning your next trip, look beyond the beaches to the people who are creating fair and sustainable relationships with Mexico’s people. You’ll have an experience you’ll never regret!


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