The Things We Learned At Soccer Camp

This opportunity was provided via USFamily Guide

Summer has been crazy busy in the A Local Wander household so this year we passed the opportunity to attend a Challenger British Soccer Camp over to a cousin. After some nerves and hesitancy, the experience turned out to be a great one. Here is the recap of her week working with actual British soccer players...

The things we learned at the british soccer camp:

1- Our daughter was the youngest in the group (she's 7) for the half day camp in our community. The first day she came home overwhelmed and frustrated because the older kids were impatient with her, but the days after that she loved it.  She thrived with the competition, it taught her so many skills and she got faster.

2- I was so impressed how quick she learned basic skills of soccer.  After just a week she was running around the field and her feet actually looked like they knew what they were doing.

3- She learned about respecting the coach and her teammates.  Her coach was very nice, he respected the kids and he set the tone for the whole group.  He treated the kids like they were competent and encouraged them to learn more.

4- She learned how to make friends quickly, and that it's a lot easier when they have something in common and are doing something active and fun.

5- They had homework assignments every night.  She learned about New Zealand and went the next day prepared with facts about the country to share. Another day she made a New Zealand flag.  Another day they dressed up wacky.  It was fun to see her work on her assignments by herself and come up with her own ideas.  

I'm so glad my daughter was able to go. She loved it so much and sparked a fire inside of her to want to play more!