Great Time to Be Buying National Parks Memorabilia

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I'm curious, do you spend time exploring the visitor center while you are visiting the national parks? Our family usually has great intentions to (at least to run in and get our junior ranger packets), but too many times we get so absorbed in what we are seeing that we miss closing time. My kids hate me a lot of the time. Missing closing time means they miss looking through the gift shop at all the cool park related books, games, and toys.

The eParks website has more than once been my saving grace. I watch the clearance, and I watch for good deals. Right now eParks is having a 20% off sale (read to the end of this post for code), as well as some other great shopping incentives. This is huge as some of these items in a park visitor center will NEVER go on sale. Below I'm sharing some of the items that have my caught my eye...

The National Parks Passport  is guaranteed to never be on sale at a national park visitor center, so grabbing it today for the 20% off is an amazing deal. You can get it for less than $8.00!  The passport contains information about every national park with color pictures and maps and spaces to fill with national park cancellation stamps. It's a great record for all your national park adventures! And don't forget to grab the youth passport as well. 

Want to track your digital visits as well? The new national park passport app makes it easy to keep track of the places you've already visited.

For our family the worst part about missing visitor center hours is also missing our opportunity to buy the patch for the park we are in. Several years ago the boys each made a banner to hang their junior ranger badges on, and since then we've made it a tradition to buy a patch to commemorate our trip to the park as well. I love knowing that if we miss one, I get one on eParks when we get home. As of my writing this post, they have 312 park patches to choose.  

The same is true for window decals, and I especially want to grab one of these...

This isn't a park we've been to yet, but these cards would be so helpful in teaching the kids an important part of our nation's history....
And these are toys my boys would definitely be begging for if we were in the store...

Here's how to get the good deals: 

2. Online Special. Shop & Save $5.00 off your order of $25 or more. Use coupon code SAVE5. Coupon Code: SAVE5

3. After a purchase of $10 or more you'll receive an offer for a FREE Shutterfly photo book to create a beautiful reminder of your next national park visit!