25 Fun Things To Do At the Salt Flats

What do you do on a summer Saturday morning when everyone is bored and needs to get out of the house?  In Utah the possibilities are endless and there isn't much need to venture far from home. Sometimes, however, the moment calls for a solution spontaneous and grand.  It might just be time to pack the water bottles, put gas in the car, and head west to the Salt Flats of Bonneville!

This photo of Bonneville Salt Flats is courtesy of TripAdvisor

A spontaneous flee from mundane suburban life is exactly how we ended up on the Salt Flats recently.  A blurb of a news story about a rocket club hosting a sport launch flashed across my Facebook page and 10 minutes later we were on our way. It was an exciting day!

rocket launch
Ready and waiting for the rockets to launch

On our drive home, the 5 of us came up with a list of 25 other fun things we could do on the Salt Flats and we're sharing it with you today...


1.  Watch a rocket launch
2.  Play Croquet
3.  Throw a Frisbee
4.  Stop and Look at the Mystery Ball Tree
5.  Drive (kind of) fast
6.  Ride an ATV or dirt bike
7.  Have a Picnic (the salt's provided)
8.  Do handstands & cartwheels (cute photo ops)
9.  Fly a Kite
10. Try windsurfing on a skateboard
11. Watch a speed trial 
12. Ride a bike
13. Have a paper airplane race
14. Have a salt ball fight
15. Carve a petroglyph message for strangers to see
16. Find a geocache
17. Make up a story of creatures that lived in the Bonneville Sea
18.Use a magnifying glass or microscope to examine salt crystals
19. Salt Art (Colored paper, glue, & a sprinkle salt)
20. Give Mom a good exfoliation
21. Play Bocce
22. Make a salt castle
23. Water Color with spray bottles, water, and food coloring
24. Look for bug and animal tracks
25. Smile and have a great time!

What fun things will your family do at the Salt Flats?