We're Officially Homeless

My boys and I moved out of our house yesterday.  We moved there 4 years ago with B as our only child.  Three kids later and we were bursting at the seams.  With my husband off to Alaska for his summer employment adventure, it's time for me to finally make good on the dream which has lived deep down inside of me for years.  We're going on an adventure!

That's right-we're not moving into someplace new...yet.  Instead, we've packed the minivan and are taking off on a 6-week cross-country road-trip, just me and my 4 boys.  I hope you'll come along with us!

Here are a few of the things we have planned (with a lot of unknown adventure in between):

Exploring close to home in Salt Lake and Park City

Respite in Wyoming at Little America
(you know I'm looking forward to doing that drive again...)

Our first annual cousin's conference in western Nebraska

LDS Church History Sites in Missouri

Driving The Great River Road down the Mississippi

Possible celebrity sighting in Louisiana?

Jaunt across to the Carolina beaches

Kitty Hawk for my kindergartner

Stops in Knoxville and Clarksville, TN

Nauvoo, IL, where our little family began

Across the top of Wyoming

Oregon Trail sights

Back to Utah by mid-July

I hope you'll come along with us!  And if you have ideas of great local activities anywhere along our way, we'd love to hear them!  There is an exciting summer coming!