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Hee Haw Farms: Like Visiting A Country Fall Festival

I am not a huge fan of Halloween. Grown-up people being carried away in the element of over-the-top pretending and imagination has difficulty finding a comfortable place to dwell in my brain.  Of course, Halloween should be for the kids-and my boys do get to dress up and have fun with the rest of them-but the overabundance of licensed costume marketing, bizarre twist of logic that shoving candy at our kids is fine, and training to push them up to stranger's doors begging for things leaves me every year trying to convince my husband to just forego the tomfoolery every year.

I miss the autumns of my youth when Halloween was one night and the revelry of the season was about apple bobbing. bonfires blazing, and hayrack rides.  Today's fall festivities are all about commercial-licensed corn mazes and spectacular shows of overspending.  I have found it such a relief to discover one Utah farm that is keeping the feeling of a country fall festival real...

You can tell the babies they've got it backwards,
or you can laugh hysterically and capture a photo op...
Everything about Hee Haw Farms reminds me of my autumns growing up.  It's a family operation and completely understated.  Imagine something your Dad could have built in the backyard and then amplify it large enough for crowds of people to comfortably enjoy.  Honestly, it's a handmade play yard that on first glance leaves questions in the mind, but kids love it.  For adults I think it's even better. Looking at the oversized play areas large enough for Mom and Dad to play on, logic tells you to be cautious for fear the whole thing might fall apart, while your inner child is screaming, "Let's go, Let's go, Let's go!"  The whole thing does not fall apart.  Instead what happens is that families actually run around together playing and laughing and having the most incredible time.  A rare thing to happen these days...

 And then there's this...yes, this really exists, my midwest farm friends...

Hee Haw Farms has fall carnival games, old school play areas, hay bales to climb, and "sand" boxes full of corn-all included in admission and none with a line to wait in...

There are hayrack rides to the pumpkin patch and hayrack rides through the alfalfa field...

 and there are climbing goats to feed...of course...

I love HeeHaw Farms.  It is everything October celebrations should be. It reminds me of my childhood and is a place my kids can create simple Halloween memories they'll hold onto long past the days of flashy costumes and teeth-rotting parties.  It's a place that feels like home to me.

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More Information

Hee Haw Farms also has a corn maze, haunted hayrack ride, 
haunted barnyard, and activities for an additional price.

The pumpkins, sunflowers, haybales, corn available for 
sale are an incredible deal! So much better to get them here
and create a memory than grabbing one out of 
a huge cardboard bin at the local grocery store...


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