A Little Exercise, A Lot of Fun: The Thrillseeker Stunt Run

It doesn't happen very often that our family is so busy we have to pick and choose what activities we can make it to.  It did happen a few weeks ago, however, and after delivering B, P, & the babies to different cousins' houses, my husband and I parted ways for a Saturday full of fun.  The event I attended that day is not important, buy my husband rounded up some friends and his sister and headed to the Thrillseeker Stunt Run in Salt Lake City.

Since I wasn't there this time, these photos are from the Stunt Run we both participated in this past May)
After now attending 2 Stunt Runs, my husband has developed these strategies and observations...

It has to be about having fun!  Yes, it's a 5k, but you start the race on a giant bouncing ball.  There are stretches of running between obstacles, but also a lot of standing and waiting for your turn on the obstacles.  Don't be uptight about getting a great time.

It's a race for anybody!  Referring to the explanation above, understand that you do not need to be able to run an entire 5k to do this race.  Sprint, leisurely jog, or even walk between obstacles-whatever it takes to make the fun part (the obstacles) the fun focus.

You're going to get punched off the wall!  The punching wall is my husband's personal vendetta.  His first time he got stuck behind someone very scared and very slow.  The second time he was doing so well he second-guessed himself right at the end.  Both times, punched off the wall.  It's just going to happen.

No one likes to run alone!  Last spring my husband was running by himself while I volunteered.  He was so grateful for the relaxed atmosphere and groups of runners he fell in with throughout the course.  This time around he had a contingent, but adopted in a solo runner right at the beginning.  This is not a race for the die-hard runner putting in the earbuds and striking out for solitude.

Register early!  Starting out at a very reasonable price, the registration fees will increase as race day nears.  While even full-price is worth the adventure, getting a discount will make it even better!

Be totally confident!  Attack the obstacles like you are the most awesome one out there.  If it doesn't work, who cares?  If it does, you'll feel amazing...it worked for my husband on his first try at the Jugglernaut...

The Thrillseeker Stunt Run is coming to a city near you soon.  Check out the dates and locations, then gather your friends and have a larger-than-life stunt-filled day!

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