A 30-Day Challenge That Took Me A Little Longer (And That's Okay)

A Local Wander is hitting the road this morning, road-tripping to New Mexico.  We'll take a few days off from writing, but will be updating with photos on social media, so make sure you're following us on one or all of these...

Before leaving town, though, I need to send a HUGE thank you to Sarah Arrow at Sarkemedia. Though it's taken me considerably longer than first intended, her 30-day Blogging Challenge has taught me so much about the business side of blogging, and given me such a better focus on how I share my passion for travel with you.  The challenge helped me re-find motivation for writing, and while most days the topic was strictly business and blogging related, I was able to apply the information and share these (and other) great posts with you...

 And while I'm normally writing to fellow traveling families, please allow me a moment to switch attention to any of my readers who are writing, blogging, or working hard each day in a small and growing business.  Sarkemedia's 30-Day Blogging Challenge is so worth the commitment and laid-back enough not to scare you away.  At the end of the 30 days you will have covered basics like keywords, call to action, and About Me pages and then dug deeper into images, comment interaction, and social media.

To all my readers I hope you've enjoyed my last 30 posts. Let me get back from New Mexico refreshed and rested and I promise another 30 posts are on their way! For anyone interested in starting the Sarkemedia 30-Day Blogging Challenge, take a look a deeper look at what they do and let them know A Local Wander sent you!

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