Tinkertown Museum: Ultimate List Of The Oddest Things Collected All In One Place

Think for a minute about the oddest place you have ever happened upon (because we all know the oddest ones are places you just happen upon). What about it burrowed itself into the back of your brain to be remembered at the most unusual times?  When trying to explain the quirkiness of it to your pals back at home, what part is so unbelievable that you exasperatedly exclaim, "You'll just have to see it"? Where is that place?

These 10 oddities make Albuquerque's Tinkertown Museum that place for me...

1.  Circus Freak Show Memorabilia (Think 3-Legged Man's pants)
2.  Miniature Wood Carvings (Hundreds Of Them) Covered In Dust
3.  A Coin-Operated (And Still Working) Automatic One-Man Band

4.  Bottles, Bottles, Everywhere

Wagon Wheel
Glass Bottles

5.  A Jeep Covered in Coins

JeepA Local Wander

6.  Never-Ending Turns, Nooks, & Crannies
7.  A Maid-Rite Sign (for my Iowa friends)

Tinkertown Museum

8.  Peculiar Wedding Cake Toppers
9.  An Animated Mini Western Village
10. A Sailboat...Yes, A Round-the-World-Sailing Decommissioned Sailboat
And there is so much more!  The Tinkertown Museum website accurately explains that catching a captivating photo of even one collection inside is nearly impossible.  Standing amidst it all, the eyes play a constant bouncing game as the brain adjusts to over exposure of the coolest weird thing it's ever had to process.  

A Local Wander

We keep going back again and again! We've dragged native Albuquerque citizens who had no idea it was there and never want us to tell people about it again.  But they can't stop thinking about it either and take their next out-of-town, wholly unawares guests.  

Have You Been To the Tinkertown Museum?
Have You Been Some Place Similarly Odd and Amazing?
Tell us about it in the comments below!

More Information:

The purpose behind this museum is touching.

Tinkertown is 20 minutes east of Albuquerque

The building is unheated and parts are not enclosed,
hence, the museum is closed during the winter.
Check the website for opening and closing dates.
We've always gone early in October and barely beat closing day.

It will be hard to find a cheaper place to take the family.
$3.50/adult, $1/child
Under 4: Free

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