Spend the Day at Discovery Gateway

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I have a love/hate relationship with children's museums that stems mostly from me getting impatient when the kids are having so much fun and just want to stay all day.  Seems like a twisted thing to get annoyed with, doesn't it?  I pushed aside my selfishness and suffered through it last week so that my kids could play all they wanted to at Discovery Gateway in Salt Lake City.

My kids LOVED the Discovery Gateway!  I appreciate the focus on imagination and pretend play.  In each area there are costumes the kids can put on to really fit the part of the activity they are doing...

Construction vests for the builders, protective gear for the water engineers,
and a work shirt for the mechanics.
My favorite part was the house midcentury-era house complete with reading area and mouse house...

Getting upstairs to the second floor at Discovery Gateway brings me a little less finger-drumming.  The stations are much more science and education related, with lots of building blocks, an earthquake simulator, a pseudo news desk, and a really impressive exhibit that walks kids through the stages a child goes through at Primary Children's Hospital.  

In addition to the regular activities, Discovery Gateway regularly brings in special exhibits. There are also classes offered everyday included in the price of admission.

As far as children's museum experiences go, the day we spent at Discovery Gateway was pretty good. Some of the station accessories are showing some wear, but nothing that affected how well the kids could play.  We rode Frontrunner and Trax to get there easily and the kids thought that was just part of the fun.  We will go back later this summer and let them have fun playing and learning all over again.