Speed Week Still Happening in Salt Lake City!

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Mention racing in Utah and all eyes usually turn to the west desert and Speed Week.  The legacy of land speed records and ability to see some really cool cars has brought the Bonneville Speedway deserved notoriety.  While we were watching rockets launch on the Salt Flats, I had the thought that this should be the year we find out what all the hype is about.  Unfortunately our wet summer left the sand softer than ideal for racing and my enthusiasm turned to disappointment as I learned Speed Week for this year had been cancelled.
The adrenaline and excitement for high-speed racing does not have to die with Speed Week, though! Instead of watching fast cars drive by from the sideline, K1 Speed in Sandy is giving Utah residents the opportunity to get behind the wheel of their own all-electric kart and zip around the track vying for bragging rights on top of the podium.  

In anticipation of K1's Speed Week promotion, my husband and B decided to give their lead feet some exercise.  

Receiving his safety instructions

All drivers wear a head sock and full helmet.  

The Electric Karts have the ability to drive 45+mph,
but can be remotely controlled by K1 Speed staff to keep kids going a speed safe for their abilities.

A Local Wander
Adult racers can, of course, go full throttle

A Local Wander
2nd place is never fun...
The thrill does not end when you exit the car.  Driver standings are recorded and measured against drivers during the rest of the week and month.

The cancellation of racing out at Bonneville is troublesome.  But their loss is your gain.  Go get behind your own wheel at K1 Speed next week.  Give the family race memories of their very own!

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