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Here at A Local we try hard to inspire families to spend time together traveling and getting out into the great outdoors.  It is so important, and so easy, to create great family memories exploring with Mom and Dad from an early age.  Life, even for us, though is not all about hiking and camping and running off for the next big adventure.  A lot of parenting and mundane housework and childhood struggles happen in between.  While we have a summer's worth of experiences ready to share with you, today we're going to turn the tables a little to share about a great new parenting resource we have had the special honor to work with recently.

parenting resources

Uplift Families is an initiative sponsored by Utah's First Lady, Jeanette Herbert.  If you'll remember, I had the opportunity to meet her a few weeks ago at the Governor's Mansion.  The program is three-fold in mission:

  1. Provide a comprehensive online parenting resource for issues every parent encounters
  2. Provide short parenting TIPS (Teaching Important Parenting Skills) via videos
  3. Host an annual Parenting Conference
Each of these resources is unique and helpful in it's own way, and we'd love to break them down a little bit for you...

This website is designed as a resource for parents to answer questions and provide answers on any topic you may be having with your child.  In some instances it can also direct you to places to find more help or speak with a professional in that field.  (Note: the information provided is not specific only to Utah.  It's a great resource for parents anywhere)

Parenting Resources
Information is broken down by age, parenting topic, and resource location
Ages covered range from infancy to the late teen years, and topics cover everything from behavior issues to spectrum disorders, eating disorders to sleeping patterns, bullying to Internet safety.  The site functions as a one-stop shop for parents.

Styled in the same vein as the very popular TED Talks, these are recordings from the Uplift Families Parenting Conference.  They are entertaining and also straight-forward and to the point.  This talk on "How Families Strengthen With Time" is one of our favorites...

More videos from past conferences are available on the Uplift Families website and on YouTube.

Parenting Resources

A 1-night event, perfect for date night, and incredibly affordable! Presenters this year will include Mrs. Herbert, Matt Townsend, Carmen Rasmusen and more.  There will be dinner, desserts, and music, a vendor hall, and opportunities to meet some of Utah's foremost parenting experts.  It is going to be a great night (away from the kids) to be reminded that as parent's we are doing okay!  

Enter code Wandering2015 at checkout to receive $5 off your tickets.
That makes the couples price for this 4-hour event only $20!
Seating is limited so be sure to get your tickets right away.

We have kids.  We have questions.  And while it's nice to focus on the fun family times, we all can admit there are plenty of those other times, too.  I'm so grateful to be partnering with Uplift Families and hope that you will find these resources to be helpful, too!

Know a parent who would could use this information or would love to attend the conference?
Please share this post and discount code with them!

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