Are You Cool Enough To Know About Sidecar Racing?

Have you discovered the little-known sport of motorcycle sidecar racing?  B had a sidecar toy several years ago that we turned into a school lesson and then turned into yet another of those slightly odd, absolutely cool things we love to see and do!

B "driving" his very first sidecar
It might surprise you to hear that sidecar racing isn't the most popular of motorsports.  Hence, if you're a devoted fan, it's likely you'll have to get up very early to drive to a race track that is WAAAYYY farther out of town than you'd been expecting.  The upside?  Visiting a part of your state you've never paid attention to before and finding out it is as unique and beautiful as your favorite haunts.  

Prepare to feel like you're the only spectators at the raceway.  But that makes for prime viewing!  Do you see it?  The passenger leaning clear over and down to the racetrack?  Each sidecar team has their own strategy-some dragging their bums on the asphalt, some waving their ponytails precariously close to the rotating tires.  All of them risking life and limb to make it first across the finish line.

The sidecar "circuit" comes to Salt Lake once a year, always on Labor Day weekend, during the Vintage Motorcycle race event at Miller Motorsports Park. With the uncertainty of the racetrack's future looming, it's possible sidecar racing in Utah will come to an end.  Come check on us if it does...our family will be mourning.  Or make us really happy by looking up where the sidecars race where you live, and letting us know that you're going to go!

More Information
There are sidecar race associations, but I've found it's often easiest to
locate sidecar races by searching for your local vintage motorcycle club.

In years past, the Salt Lake sidecar races on Labor Day weekend are early in the morning.
There are 2 of them mixed in with 2 full days of motorcycle races.
I've had a difficult time finding the race schedule this year, 
so might recommend just making a day of it!

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