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Summer of Salt: An Exploration of Great Salt Lake
A Blog about Two Friends, One Lake, and a Summer of Salt.
Written by: Nicole Anderson
Antelope Island by R Jefre Hicks
If you have ever thought of Great Salt Lake as a dead sea, then this article is for you. Or, perhaps you know that the Lake is a haven for wildlife with millions of birds from all over the world stopping here to rest and dine on brine shrimp and brine flies, or raise their young before they migrate to warmer climates. The Lake is not just for the birds, bugs and brine shrimp, however.  It is an invaluable resource for people, too.

Birds in Bear River Bay
The Sun Tunnels 
The Team on Fremont Island
We are especially glad to have our support team:
  •   Photographer Charles Uibel, proprietor of My Great Salt Lake, His beautiful pictures and technical expertise are proving invaluable on this journey.
  •  And our dear friends Cindy Lund and Sarah Middleton who have offered to drive when they can, pack lunches and always be honest about our writing.
We want people to fall in love with the Lake as we have. Our goal is to educate the public and to dispel many of the negative myths that come to mind when thinking of Great Salt Lake.  It brings forth beauty, recreation, economic prosperity, and is rich in history; it contributes to the “Greatest Snow on Earth,” and is home to 5 to 8 million aquatic birds.  Great Salt Lake is one of the most magical places in the state of Utah.

Foam blowing across the Lake
Misconceptions of a stinky place full of bugs have led to the rocky collision between man and nature. Yet, even still, with its bad reputation among many, its shorelines and saline flats welcome all who go there. Whether you seek solitude or adventure, a livelihood or an escape - the Lake has provided for the people on her shores for thousands of years - and is at your fingertips in our own backyard!

Join us as we explore both the nature and people of Great Salt Lake.
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The "Salt Sisters" out at the Lake
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