State Parks Road Trip Week

In April a group of Utah tourism/outdoor enthusiasts took a 72-hour road trip,  visiting all 43 Utah state parks along the way.

.Utah State Parks Road Trip

After their trip, Governor Herbert declared August 1-7 to be Utah State Parks Road Trip Week.  The goal of both efforts is to get all Utahns out into at least one state park in 2011.  This week I want to get you excited for a few of my favorite state parks, but first I'm going to let you in on way to do it for free.

State Park Passes are available to check through Utah's public libraries; I cannot think of a single reason to pass up this opportunity for free outdoor exploring!  Based on my own experience at the Orem Public Library, this is what I know:

~Skip the search on the electronic card catalog and go straight to your librarian to get on the list. The pass seems to be creatively labeled and it took my librarian several word combinations before she could find it.

~You're going to be on a long waiting list. I was #19 on the hold list.  My library only has 1 pass and it checks out for 7 days.  But don't lose hope!  They work year-round-so, no, you probably won't get one to use this week, but the parks will be equally enjoyable later in the year-Just don't put off getting on the list or it could be Christmas before you get out there.

~Research now or later.  No need to panic if you're not familiar with all 43 Utah state parks.  The pass comes with a booklet describing each one.  And since you do get it for 7 days, you'll have a chance to group a few together and visit more than one.

Directions and Information:
It's not any harder than the flyer or information I've given above.  Go to your library, get on the wait list, check it out, and go! 

 I can't wait to hear how it works for you!

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