Adventure + Gear = A Can't Miss Weekend Festival! (And Giveaway)

If you are an outdoor junkie, adventure seeker, occasionally make it into the mountains, or even just sometimes look out the window and think it might be nice to get out there, I have an event for you to get giddy and excited about!  It pains me to think that I almost didn't know it was happening and would regret not giving you the opportunity to get as excited about going as I am...and chance to go, of course, with a giveaway, but you'll have to keep reading...

Source: Adventure+Gear Fest
What Is It?  
A 2-day festival bringing Utah's best adventure, travel, and outdoor companies and products together in one place, giving you a chance to try products you've been drooling over, get tips and advice on how to make your outdoor time more fulfilling, and be inspired by our state's most passionate outdoor enthusiasts.  It's an event for the whole family and will definitely have something for everyone...

Demo areas:
 Mountain Biking, Longboarding,Slackline, Zipline, & more

Exhibitors covering: 
Biking, Running, Camping, Rafting, Climbing, & more

If you can dream of doing it, there will be someone at the Adventure+Gear Fest who can teach you about it, and probably even let you try it out.

In addition to the 2 full days of festival events in the SouthTowne Expo Center, the Adventure+Gear Fest is also partnering up with great organizations to offer additional cultural and athletic opportunities to enjoy during the weekend...

Source: Adventure+Gear Fest

The Wasatch Mountain Film Festival is being presented by Wasatch Mountain Arts and is the first of it's kind in the Salt Lake area.  The films will focus on a passion for the outdoors, both playing in it and be responsible to take care of it.  It's going to be an incredible night of family-friendly entertainment.  We're taking B & P and I have no doubt we'll be watching them try to do the crazy stunts they see for the rest of the summer.

Source: Adventure+Gear Fest
Being offered by Sandy City and Wasatch Running Center, the coolest thing about this race is that it's FREE for the 1st 300 to sign up.  (We were only about the 20th to sign up a few days ago, so your chances should be good).  Choose between a 5K, 5-mile, or 10-mile run and at the end enjoy the rest of the Adventure+Gear festival with a complimentary entrance fee.  It's going to be a great time way to exercise, enjoy the area, and then head inside for everything else the festival has to offer.  

Please tell me you are jumping out of your seat excited 
to bring the whole family up for these two days of excitement!

And now the, giveaways. I was so excited about this event that I contacted Adventure+Gear Fest and asked them to sponsor 2 giveaways for you, my fantastic readers.  They were more than generous offering 3 prizes.  Be sure to enter both giveaways...

I'll be there, come join me!