Welcome and Getting Started

"If I can provide the information that gets just one person off the couch 
and out the door, then I will have been a success."

I fell in love with Utah shortly after moving here 9 years ago.  With the central location of Utah County as my jumping off point, I've explored and discovered some of the most amazing creations. 

I love the diversity of locations and attractions from Northern Utah to Southern Utah!  Whether you're sunning on Bear Lake, hiking and biking on the many mountain trails, or standing in awe of the beautiful red rock vistas there is something here for everyone.  

Close to home there is a plethora of activity as well.  We live in a unique culture where children's activities are often offered for free or close to free.  Every town has it's own week-long festival and celebration offering unique opportunities to get out and enjoy being part of a community.  And if there's an activity you've itching to try, I can almost guarantee you can find it here somewhere!

So come along with me as I share my favorite excursions and activities!  From time to time I'll rotate between the many topics you see listed in pages at the top of this blog, including:
   ~Getting Outdoors: Hiking, Biking, Camping, Swimming, Disc Golf, Fishing, and more
   ~Festivals & Celebrations: Highlights of upcoming parties as well as photos and commentary as they go on.
   ~On-Going Activities: Storytimes, Library presentations, Rec Center Programs, Etc

On the left of this page you'll see a list of activities going on this week and next.  It'll always be changing, so check back often.  

I'll be posting regularly the activities that my family and I have in the works.  We're always looking for adventuresome companions and would love to have you come along! 

And, please, feel free to share your experiences and favorite activities!  Where do you hike and bike?  Have you found a great picnic park or know of an activity coming up that everyone should know about?  In the future I will be looking for contributing writers and would love to share your Utah photos and videos.  Send your information anytime to:


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