Party, Party, Party!

I'm going to be bold and state that no place does a summer celebration better than Utah! Nearly every city or town digs deep in history and heritage to find a reason to throw a week-long party.  And what does it mean for us?  Endless hours of free entertainment, deliciously affordable food, and risk-free community involvement.

Here are a few of our favorite upcoming events...

Best Free Food
Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days (June)
Free bowls of fresh strawberries and cream at most events.  
100% worth the long lines!

Best Candy Parade
Payson Onion Days (September)
The key here is to grab a piece of ground in the historic downtown stretch of the parade route-unless you're sweating and toting a trumpet down the street, this is the closest you'll get to being "in" the parade.  There is never a shortage of candy in this parade and if you're patient you'll hit the jackpot in a raining candy shower sprayed from farm machinery.

There are SOOO many more festivals going on throughout the state...All summer long I'll be posting activities in the "Happening This/Next Week" list on the left of this page.  Follow the links on our Festivals and Celebrations page for more information on celebrations near you.  And, tell me,

What is your favorite Utah town celebration?

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