#KidsBuckleUp Seat Belt Safety (& A Giveaway)

As much as we here at A Local Wander encourage families to get out and explore in their own neighborhoods, reality is that most times we're all hopping in the car (or minivan or truck or Jeep) and driving at least a little ways to reach our camping spot or trailhead.  Today I'm teaming up Safercar.gov to share an important message about buckling up, no matter how short the distance we may be going...

For us, it's P, especially, that I have to sit and wait to hear the "click".  He gets distracted very quickly and could probably sit with us all waiting on him in the driveway for half an hour before he remembers, "Oh, year, we're going somewhere.  I need my seatbelt."  

In the state of Utah, children are required to be in a booster seat until they are 8.  B just informed me the other day that even though he's turning 8 he wants to stay in his booster because he can see out the window better, and that is perfectly okay with me!  Each time we travel out of state I make sure to check the seatbelt safety laws in the destination we are going as well.  

While this infographic does not yet apply to me, I know it will apply to many of you and is important to share...we as parents can sometimes put our foot down on some really simple issues.  We need to make sure we're not letting it come back on the really important ones...

As an encouragement for parents, and in attempt to raise awareness for the #KidsBuckleUp campaign, I invite you to enter the giveaway below and share the message in any way you can!

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