Trip Plan B?

What's a plan without a little turmoil and change?  One week into our ambitious summer road trip, B broke his arm while playing with his cousins in western Nebraska.  Figuring we were still relatively close to home, we drove back to have it checked out and now find ourselves on a 2-week appointment rotation for the next several months.

Could we still drive across the country to North Carolina to see our friends?  We could.  But it would mean many long days of driving with little time for stopping along the way.  That's not what I want this summer's memories to be about.  So, after a very stressful night of me confronting my dislike for change once a plan has been made, we've dumped Plan A that would take us east, and jumped head-first into Plan B which has taken us for a drive down the Oregon Coast (to start with, anyway).

I hope you're still excited to travel along with us!

Do you have a favorite stop along the Oregon Coast?

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