Travel Memories Saturday (Snowshoeing)

travel memoriesWe all have those classic shots that capture travel memories without having to say one word. 

 Each Saturday morning, Sharon(from State by State Travel) and I post photos that express emotion, tell a story or make you wish you could be there. 

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This week's travel memory comes from pretty close to home, but every time I see it I feel myself instantly transported back to that day...

Snowshoeing up Provo's South Fork Canyon

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  1. I've never tried to snow shoe.... I've never even seen enough snow where snow shoes would be needed.... I know it's probably alot of work, but it looks like something so amazing to walk across the snow like that. What a beautiful picture!

  2. It's not hard at all! And it is so freeing to be able to just go out without worrying about staying on the trail. Very fun-I hope you get to do it sometime!


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