Hunting Through the Strip in Las Vegas

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As spontaneous as our last road-trip seemed, there was a little bit of method to my madness.  The last minute decision to get out of town was easy, but how did we decide where to go?  First, it's always safe to head south until you get somewhere warm.  But, also, I still needed to do a review for Urban Adventure Quest.  Since I'd already done the scavenger hunt in Salt Lake City, I chose the next location within driving distance...Las Vegas...

If you aren't familiar with the city scavenger hunts offered through Urban Adventure Quest,
 check out last month's review.  

Let me start out by saying I LOVE the idea behind Urban Adventure Quests.  The puzzles and challenges are well-thought out, informative, and entertaining.  I think any of the 35 locations would be worth the time and money.  But, I want to give a big caution that the Las Vegas race is not as "family-friendly" as the website touts it to be.  I may come off simply as a prude, but I think it's fair to point out up-front that a number of the Las Vegas race challenges include entering the casinos, speaking with pitbosses, or having a more than skin-deep knowledge of gambling terms and amounts.  Also, a puzzle towards the end of the race involves studying a fresco painting and identifying how many pairs of bare women's chests you can see.  Some will say, "Hey, it's Vegas" and "It's art", and they would be right.  This race would be a blast for 20-somethings in town on spring break.  Just maybe not for families like ours with curious little kids in tow.

Having said all that, it is still a really fun race!  We did decide half-way through that the kids weren't into it anymore and went on to Lake Mead, but before we left Sin City, we figured out clues that took us past cool interactive sculptures and to a great snack-stop under the Arc de Triomphe...

I am 100% in my own skin carrying a baby on my back in the wilderness, but
will be honest that we looked a little out of place packing them down the strip in Las Vegas.
The one big question I had after completing the Salt Lake Urban Adventure Quest was whether it would be more fun or less fun and more or less beneficial to do the race in a place you were familiar with.  Is it something people would want to do at home as an outing or on vacation as an excursion? I'm going to say the verdict is still out.  We loved the Salt Lake City Adventure Quest because it was full of history and we could use our knowledge of the area to guess pretty accurately where the next clue would lead.  The locations in the Las Vegas scavenger hunt were pretty iconic and so also relatively easy to locate.  I guess we'll have to try a third hunt in a place we know nothing about and then get back to you!

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