Utah's Battle Creek Falls

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I discovered the Battle Creek Trail on an excursion with my family to hike to the "G" high up on the Pleasant Grove mountainside.  With no indication which of 3 or 4 trails went where, we chose the path most traveled and headed up, not to the "G", but instead to an impressive 50' waterfall.  It ended up being a rewarding decision!

A Local Wander

The hike itself is only about a mile up into the mountains.  On the way it follows a little stream with a reservoir for rocking throwing, a bridge for swinging your feet, and a cave for curious toddlers.  A short, steep side trail takes you down to the waterfall and I'm certain it's 10-degrees cooler once you've settled in, making it a refreshing destination in the heat of summer. (At this point you can also choose to continue on the original trail to get views of the waterfall from above or connect up with a bigger system of trails.) 

It would be easy to spend half a day at the Battlecreek waterfall!  Pack a picnic lunch and book.  Let the kids get wet.  The times I've been there the water hasn't been pooled too deeply at the base and the stream quietly gurgles away.  There is plenty of space to spread out and find a quiet place of your own, and plenty of fallen or bending trees naturally arranged for comfy seating.

A Local Wander waterfalls

The Battlecreek Trail and waterfall are a perfect example of the beautiful Utah resources we have available close to home.  Have you been there, or do you have another favorite Utah waterfall?

Directions and Information:
The Battle Creek Trailhead is located appropriately 
at the top of Battle Creek Drive, or E 200 S, in Pleasant Grove.  
The road ends in a parking lot for Kiwanis Park.  
A small bridge crosses a creek on the north end of the parking lot,
 and the Battlecreek Trailhead branches off to the right before you cross that bridge.