Solo in San Francisco

It did not seem right to send my husband to a job interview in Berkeley, CA, without also somehow including myself in the ride.  Thank goodness I made that decision!  Leaving B & P with family for two days, and with the Babies in tow for their first airplane ride, we took off for the Golden State.

It felt so amazing to get out of my homeschooling housewife/mom routine and back to being a roving backpacker for a day.  With one baby in a stroller and the other on my back and no agenda, the wharf in San Francisco turned out to be completely relaxing.  This adventure was a rediscovery of a past part of me and I spent most of my time focusing on big and small things that jumped out at me beautifully.  

Exotic mushrooms at a shop in the Ferry Building

Hot milk steamers and homemade mac & cheese. Yes, please!

A webbed friend within view of the Bay Bridge 

Anchor lines

And this little boy who made me smile as he quite carefully followed
 the inlaid glass blocks along the Embarcadero Ribbon .
 Although I was in the touristy end of town, I had a remarkably easy time finding peacefully secluded areas to amble at my own speed and enjoy the babble and giggles of my two miniature traveling companions.  At the end of the day my feet are for sure sore, but my spirits are high and I feel renewed for a trip back to the chaos of home tomorrow.

I'd love to hear about your last solo excursion!

More information:
I used the BART train system to get around between 
the airport, Berkeley, and downtown San Francisco
It's pretty clean with surprisingly few vagrants.  

Make sure to buy only one train pass and 
add fare money onto it as needed. 
 Multiple tickets cannot be easily combine.

The lines are coded by color,
but once you're in the train station those colors mean nothing. 
You will need to know the end terminal
in the direction you are going to know which train to get on.

While near the Ferry Building,
 look for signs that read "Public Walkway".  
You'll find a secluded stroll that follows the water 
behind the buildings rather than walking 
in all the hubbub on the street.  
There are benches along the way ,
 public self-cleaning street toilet, 
and a lamppost lined walking pier along the way.  

Also, wander to the east side of Pier 39 for another quiet stroll overlooking the Pier 39 marina.