Thoughts on Midway's Ice Castle?

This was a sponsored activity via US Family Guide.

Now that winter is winding down (please don't remind me that we are supposed to drop 40 degrees and have snow again tonight), I'm curious how many of you were able to go to the Midway Ice Castle this year. What did you think? Have you been before and want to compare it?

I unfortunately did not get up there this year, but was happy to send a fun family who had never gone before. Their overall impression was a good one. They attended at night, in the dark, and thought that made it imaginative and magical. We have thought that in the past, as well. It is two very different experiences if you go during the day or at night.

Do you have thoughts on the new location compared to the last? Was parking better or worse? I'm also curious when you go whether you use the concessions and/or plan to attend when other activities are going on (like the fire juggler or the princess appearances).

If you didn't make it this year, I definitely hope you will make it a priority next year! Can't wait to hear from you.