Get Hands-On at the Seaquest Interactive Aquarium

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Several months ago I had an opportunity to take the kids and tour what would become the Seaquest Interactive Aquarium. At the time it was one big concrete shell of a room with only a few animals being housed in an office space. It was tough to imagine how all that would turn into an aquarium. This week we went back to experience the now-open facility and I'm excited to share what there is to see at Utah's newest animal attraction.

Seaquest Aquarium

Let me state right from the beginning that the hands-on and interactive experiences
at the Seaquest Aquarium are what definitely set it apart and make it a go-to destination!

What are some of those interactive experiences?

     Included in your admission price:

Utah Aquarium

  • Enter the iguana habitat and search up close for all their favorite hiding places. Make sure you look twice, even at the ones out in the open, for their amazing camouflaging. Groups of 6 at a time can enter and you can pet the iguanas you can find.
  • Become extremely engaged in the parakeet and lorakeet enclosures. Nearly before the door is closed flocks of birds will be delighted to land on your arm, shoulder, head, or more. 
Seaquest birds

  • For the little more faint at heart, ease into the live exhibits by exploring and turning over starfish or finding out exactly how hard the shell of a giant tortoise grows to be. 
  • "If you can reach it, you can touch it." This is the instruction we were given and nearly everything on display fits that description if you're feeling brave.
For an additional fee, you can also don snorkel gear and swim with the aquarium's dozens of batrays, or immerse your tired bare feet in the fish spa where a pool of hungry doctor fish will dine and clean off all your unsightly dead skin cells. In addition, you can of course have the customary birthday party. Or even better, leave your kids in the hands of a trained educator/babysitter for a fun learning experience while you have some much needed Mom-time in the mall.

Utah fish spa

Now, what can you expect from the rest of the Seaquest Interactive Aquarium? 
You'll take a journey through a number of habitats including the Amazon and Egypt. There are snakes, chameleons, birds and turtles. Lots and lots of fish and some cool natural bio-luminescence. And after the batrays, but before your tour is over, a dark and mysterious small shark tank.

Utah aquarium

My kids were a little squeamish...truth be told, when we all got in the lorakeet cage, I also got a little squeamish! I think we'll all be a little more brave the next time we visit. And we will go again, most definitely! I loved the intimate setting and how educational the exhibits were, with staff ready and willing to share their knowledge and answer all our questions. The facility is a great addition to Utah's go-to destionations.

Layton aquarium

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