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There are museums I particularly remember from my travels around the world. The Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands was my first fine art museum. The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History in Albuquerque completely disturbed me. The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum captured my attention so raptly that I had to be shooed out at closing time. Each has in common the element that they awakened a deep-seeded awe within me, teaching me new and important things. The Leonardo Museum, right here in Salt Lake City, also arouses that within me.


Taking inspiration from the great Leonardo DaVinci himself, The Leonardo is designed to be an immensely hands-on place to explore science, creativity, and the imagination's possibilities. While in the past they have been a premier venue for extraordinary traveling exhibits (Mummies of the World, Body Worlds, etc), this summer brings the introduction of their first semi-permanent exhibit, curated from beginning to end by The Leonardo itself. Opening in August FLIGHT is going to excite the whole family!

What is FLIGHT?

At it's core, FLIGHT is an interactive exhibit exploring the history, science, and innovation of the industry of flight. It will include:

  • A fully restored C-131 aircraft. The plane is so large that they had to remove part of the museum's outer wall to get it into place. With only 6' to spare on either side of the room, this focal point of the exhibit will not be disappointing. The best part? The plane will be 100% hands-on. Crawl in it, over it, around it. Explore the fuselage, control panels, and construction. You'll even be able to slide out the cargo bay on a over-sized slide. This was a working war-time plane and is ready to inspire a whole new generation of aviators.
  • A Russian MiG 21 Fighter jet full of history and technology to learn about.
  • A full-size replica of DaVinci's first man-powered flying machine.
  • Interactive learning areas covering the areas of Bouyant, Aerodynamic, & Ballistic flight.
  • 3 realistic flight simulators that will engage users in a variety of missions and flights.
  • PLUS, surprises we can't yet share.


What Do I Need To Know?

FLIGHT opens in August and will be housed at the museum for the next several years. It is going to be an incredible addition for the state of Utah. The Leonardo has painstakingly invested time and resources to provide us this outlet for learning and dreaming. To complete their final push towards opening, they have created a Generosity campaign through Indiegogo and are asking for our help. If this is an exhibit you would want to bring your kids, or take a field trip, or include in your vacation plans, please consider donating in one of the these amounts:
  • $5-$15 and receive flight wings, a bomber hat and goggles + 1 admission to the exhibit.
  • $30 and receive the above, but to include a total of admission for 4 + a treat ($16+savings)
  • $50 and receive 4 PRE-OPENING tickets, + a paper airplane party
  • $100 and receive an invitation to an exclusive pre-opening social function with food, music, lectures, and a probable visit from important Utah leaders, including a very flight-knowledgeable member of the LDS church leadership.
  • A variety of other levels and gifts available.
Important to note: Donating to the campaign is the BEST way to get discounted admission to the FLIGHT exhibit. Once the campaign has ended and the exhibits open, tickets will be listed at The Leonardo's normal pricing. 
The Leonard Museum is truly a gem in Salt Lake City. FLIGHT will be their crown jewel. Interested in learning more and donating? Follow the links below...

To donate:

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