6 Wanderlust Inspiring Books

There are times in life full of travel.  There are times in life full of reading.  And there are times in life focused on other things.  As I find myself in the latter of these lives, I thought I'd take a look back at a few of the books that have played a role in inspiring my wanderlust...

Location: Croatia 
Running Away to Home  related to my own struggles balancing travel and wanderlust with family and responsibility. The first few pages do an EXCELLENT job of explaining the quicksand of the American dream.

Family Travel books
Global Family Travel
One Year Off  is an anthology of the emails a family sent home while on their year-long round-the-world travels. I loved the way their expectations and reality often clashed and they were able to roll with it, especially when it came to what they thought their kids would like/not like and the fear of what a toddler will do/not do. 

Book about Panama Canal
Location: The Amazon
River of Doubt tells about an excursion Roosevelt took in the Amazon.  It was an era when there were still unknown places and men who wanted to explore them. I could feel the fear and frustration, understand their luck and fortune, and yet could not imagine the physical and emotional feat they endured.  Stories like these, about the people who shaped our society and places that were unknown, need to be told.

quirky travel book
Quirky and True Travel Story
Round Ireland with a Fridge will make you want to grab something-ANYTHING-and go!  It is an inspiring tale of the author doing exactly what the title infers.  

travel book
How People Live
Material World is a beautiful photo collection of how much stuff people do/or do not have in their homes.

travel book
What People Eat
Hungry Planet is also a picture book, this time showing the amount of food families eat in one week.

What books make you want to pack your bags and travel?

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