Indulge Your Crazy Side at the Thrillseeker 5k Stunt Run

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If you haven't figured out by now, I'll let you in on my little secret...I thrive on finding the most out-of-the-ordinary activities to do with my family.  It gives me a bit of a thrill to hear people ask, "You did what?"  or "How did you find out about that?"  And I get even more excited when someone actually takes me up on the offer to come do something crazy with us!

That is why I got so excited to tell you about The Great Inflatable Race a few weeks ago.  Why not run a 5K bounce house obstacle course race? My husband thought he'd won the lottery when his company announced they were sponsoring a team for this year's Dirty Dash.  It was not my favorite thing to break the horrible news that it was the same day B is getting baptized (cue inappropriate jokes about dunking him in the finish line mud pit here...) and we would have to miss it.

Had you figured any of this out about me?  I hope it's all starting to make sense to you, now, because I have an even more outrageous race to tell you about today and I REALLY hope someone will be there to cheer and rally with.  Someone please join me at the...

Inspired by the growing popularity in adventure sports and TV stunt shows, the Thrill Seeker Stunt Run combines Hollywood-style obstacles and a safely monitored environment.  Anyone can do it.  I personally think everyone should try!  Check this out...

Who doesn't think that looks like an unbelievably fun way to spend a Saturday!

Some possible obstacles on the course include:


Punch Wall
Swinger's Island

Giant Stunt Trikes

Jumbo Flyer,
the world's tallest inflatable waterslide!

On top of the obvious fun, I appreciate that the Thrill Seeker Stunt Run is being presented by The Guardian Angel Council.  A portion of the proceeds will go to the Be The Match Registry which matches donors to patients in need of bone marrow transplants.  In the past year our family has watched two people very close to us receive bone marrow transplants and my husband and I registered for the Be The Match Registry to support them.  Sadly, after a successful transplant, my very feisty aunt suffered unrelated health setbacks and passed away two weeks ago.  I saw in her struggles how Be The Match brought hope and positivity to her and her family and I will be proud to donate in her honor if I'm ever given the opportunity.  Participants and spectators at the Stunt Run will also be given the opportunity to register with Be The Match on race day.  

Now, I know you're screaming, "Enough, already.  Just tell me how to register for the race near me!" 

The Salt Lake City Run is coming quickly on May 23rd.
To register for that race or any other offered across the country,

Want to save $5 off your registration fee?
Use code "LocalWander"

Will I be seeing you out there?

Post contains affiliate links

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