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Nearing the End of Our Trip...Feel Like You Missed Something?

I have a habit of building up grand plans, executing them, then realizing I haven't got the time to spend writing about them.  Such has happened with our big summer road trip.  Wanting to give each experience it's due grandeur, I put off writing about Day 1 which backs up days 2-40+.  

Yesterday I had an epiphany.  We're finally nearing the end of actively living out of our van so why not start with today and work my way backwards.  Kind of a "deconstructing" of a summer-long roadtrip.  Rather than tell you where we started I'm going to first share where we ended and leave you wondering for a couple days each time how in the world we got there.

And so, without further ado, THIS is where we are on August 6, 2013, Day 68 of our epic summer adventure ..., wait with baited breath to find out more 
about this awesome night's sleep...


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