Bikes and Pastries? Where Do I Sign?

If you've ever dreamed of being part of a sugar-induced athletic spectacle on a beautiful Saturday morning, I have a can't-miss event for you!

Each summer, the American Fork Rotary Club hosts their sweet version of a bicycle race. The normal part?  A 7-mile race course completed three times for a total of 21-miles ridden.  The delicious part?  All-you-can-eat donuts during and after the race.  Mesh them together and what do you get?

What makes this race a must-see is the way the above listed parts are mashed together.  After each7-mile lap, riders pull-over for a speedy donut binge.  Every donut stuffed down the gullet brings the reward of three minutes riding time subtracted off the clock.  The first go-round is simple enough; smiles and joking all around.   It's the second helping where the real competition begins.  A lot of riders take it all in stride, finish a pastry or two and continue on their way.  The die-hards are another story.

Imagine every disgusting detail you've ever heard about competitive eating and then picture it with sweaty athletes on a 100-degree day.  Smashing multiple donuts together flat like a pancake makes it easier to eat several in a short time.  Soak them in water and they slide through the digestive organs smoothly.  And of course each rider has an individual theory on pacing for maximum eating.  

The race is fun for spectators and riders alike.  After mastering the stomach or dodging the offerings of those who couldn't, crossing the finish line is a great celebration.  The first year my husband participated,  winner was the last to finish, but gained 78 minutes after somehow ingesting 26 donuts (notice I didn't say "after keeping down 26 donuts.  He gave everyone an unwanted gift by depositing them all on the concrete just after crossing the finish line).

It's fun.  It's completely disgusting.  It's a guaranteed great story to tell your friends.  Why not sign up to do something a little crazy every now and then?

Directions and Information:

This event is a fundraising event for the American Fork Rotary.  Past year's funds have benefited the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Kona Biketown Africa, World Bicycle Relief, and other Rotary causes.

Want to find out more?  Visit the official Utah Tour de Donut website for photos, this year's race information, and more.


  1. I clicked on this on MMB after seeing the word "pastries". Haha! Some of my friends rode in this last year. So fun!

  2. This is absolutely hilarious!

  3. Kiera @EasyTravelMomMay 10, 2013 at 12:12 PM

    Donuts and biking, sounds painful! :)

  4. That is absolutely nuts! i can't imagine how many bike laps I'd have to ride to get rid of the calories in that many donuts lol....


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