Where Have You Spread To?

I had a fabulous weekend trip back home to throw a baby shower for my sister and celebrate Mother's Day with my Mom.  Yesterday as brunch ended and we all went our separate ways in the restaurant parking lot, it struck me how neat it is that we've all branched out in different directions.  Here is my family's current breakdown of home locales...

3 sisters still call Iowa home

My parents are based in Iowa 
but have recently called both Alabama and Joplin, MO home 
as part of their disaster relief mission work.

I'm in Utah falling more and more in love everyday.

One sister is in Western Nebraska.

One sister is in New Mexico.

I'm curious, where is your family living now?

I should tell you about my husband's family, too!
10 siblings, plus his parents are still right here in Utah.
1 brother is in Pennsylvania,
1 brother in San Diego,
and 1 brother in Manila, Phillipines.
(Can't wait to go visit them!)