Hiking White Owl Canyon

Miss the 1st part of our spontaneous road-trip to Lake Mead?

By now you know that:
    1) I'm a slave to spontaneity,
    2)the rangers at the Lake Mead visitor center are moderately helpful, extremely entertaining, &
    3)the hike we chose looked promising...

So, let's get on it!

First, we found the tunnel...

Then, we found the slot canyon...

...and took some time to learn some things...

Learning all about owl poo

We saw a coyote.  We almost lost the kids (more on that coming, I promise).  We fought a little bit. We laughed a lot. And at the end of the day when we asked B & P what their favorite part of the day had been, they shouted at the top of their lungs, "THE HIKING!"  Me, too, boys.  Me, too.

The White Owl Canyon Trailhead starts at
the 33 Hole Road Parking Area
off the Lake Mead Highway.
Stay to the left as you come to the 
3 parking areas

The trail drops down 
at the 2nd shelter house from the left.

The entire trail does make a big loop if you 
don't want to turn around like we did. 
A detailed description can be found here.

One caution: There is a LOT of trash and broken glass
along the trail 
before you reach the canyon.  
It is obviously a party hangout.
Especially with kids, be careful-
or turn it into a great service project for them!