Finally a Car Decal For Me (and You)!

I do not have a stick person family.  My kids are not all miniature mascots of our favorite sports team.  I do not need 6 of my husband's company logo in varying sizes representing my loved ones on the back widow of my car.  None of those things represent me.

I also have never gotten into the habit of purchasing abbreviated circular stickers for every place I've even visited/skiied/vacationed/dreamed about.  What happens when I no longer want my travelogue, all cracked and faded, driving down the road with me?  

These are the two reasons I am so excited for the latest Kickstarter project from Glyphix Icons...

I do have an outdoor family!  We are skiiers, mountain bikers, runners.  We moved back to Utah because we are mountain people.  And I LOVE that our Glyphix icon represents that to anyone who sees it shining in the sun on the back of our truck.  

What makes the Glyphix Icon decal better and different?
    They're 3-dimensional & flexible.  Mine took about 3-seconds to apply and catches the eye from many different angles.  
    Made with a chrome metallic material that will keep them shiny and show-off worthy. Seriously, the shining blue mountain grabs my attention from clear across a parking lot.  
    15 outdoor passions to choose from including scuba, rock climbing, camping, and more. I can't wait to get the campfire decal and my husband is definitely getting one of the running or biking ones. 

You will definitely want to check these out, but to do that, the Glyphix Icons team needs your help in backing their Kickstarter campaign.  Head over to check out how you can help for as little as $5 and watch for your outdoor decal to be coming in the mail!