Road-Trip Ramblings #3: Songs for Driving

I've realized while driving over the past two weeks that I have three specific go-to songs when the road keeps stretching on and on and the in-car company has exhausted all things interesting to talk about.  No, not tunes that I punch up on my playlist.  These are coming straight out of my mouth, often for entire verses before I realize I've started singing.  They are:

Phantom of the Opera
      Oh, if my high school choir teacher could see me now!  The original tune and chords only last so long when the open road is stretching out before me.  With imperfect juxtaposition, I promise I've created any and all possible variations of minor chord melody that my mediocre vocal abilities can give to this song.

Hooked On A Feeling
     The chorus of this song lends itself perfectly to masking or bringing on sleepiness.  Try it with me...

(wide open mouth here)
I'm hooked on a feeling...

    Tell me you didn't finish the chorus through a yawn!

Do You Think I'm Sexy
     It's a little embarrassing, but when I'm dead tired and at the end of my rope behind the wheel, this is the song that ALWAYS pops into my head.  In doing my research for this post, I now know that it's a Rod Stewart song and somehow that is not making it any less shame-worthy to me.  In the spirit of head-bopping drivers everywhere, let me entertain you with this winner of a song in Mr. Stewart's glory days, not the post-midlife era that I recognize him in...

Please do tell me you were there flashing your long hair around with Rod in his heyday!  And then help me expand my repertoire-

What are singing behind the wheel?